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At Washburn Entertainment, all of our DJs are passionate and dedicated to our clients and events! Most of our talent is handpicked and must fit our DJ model of having a fun, reliable, and outgoing personality, while possessing modern DJ abilities, a wide knowledge of music, and advanced level mixing skills. Company owner, Chris Washburn offers an extensive training process including numerous hours of on the job and studio experience and the keys to follow the same blueprint that has brought him success over the years.

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Chris grew up in Plattsburgh, NY and graduated from Ithaca College in 2008. With nearly 15 years in the entertainment and nightlife industries, he's become a nationally accredited DJ in the Mobile and Club scenes. He's a featured presenter at numerous Global Conferences where he helps other DJs and boosts the overall DJ community. As the visionary of the company, he's dedicated to continuing to improve its services and client care and stay innovative with today's generation. Chris DJs all kinds of events, including major venues in Las Vegas, sports stadiums, and Comic Con. His highlights include DJing after parties for Blake Shelton, Nelly and he's been named "Ithaca Best Local DJ" by the Ithaca Times as well as making the list at one of Ithaca's TOP ICONS by Ithaca College's Buzzsaw Magazine.

Chris loves his wife Megan and their cats and dogs, as well as softball, poker, crypto and Celine Dion. He's also a part-time real estate agent, investor, business consultant, and poker star on Hustler Casino Live.

IG: @djwashburn_

Check out some of his free live mixes here!


DJ TORI VEE (Company VP)


Recognized as the Best DJ in Ithaca, NY, in 2021 and receiving numerous awards, including victories in eclectic DJ contests at the Mobile Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, DJ Tori Vee's journey began humbly as a dedicated musician. Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of gracing stages alongside esteemed talents such as X Ambassadors, Sofi Tukker, Talib Kweli, Matt & Kim, and more, solidifying her reputation as a respected figure in the industry. Her wordplay, toneplays, and live mashups incorporate much of her musicality!

As an MC, Tori exudes confidence while enveloping the room in a warm embrace, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration. With her curated soundtrack, she invites guests to let loose, reliving the carefree joy of their youth and creating moments that echo laughter and camaraderie - the cultivation of those long-lasting memories. You can see that at her events and when she's on the stage at various conferences helping to educate her fellow DJ community.

When she's not creating them (and sometimes even when she is), you can find Tori Vee on any dance floor, seamlessly blending in as she shares each moment with whoever is on the dancefloor in front of or next to her - and most DEFINITELY giving out her world-famous hugs, too!

IG: @djtorivee            

Check out some of her free live mixes here! 

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Devan, aka DJ Dough Boy in the club scene, has over 15 years of DJing in NYC, Pittsburgh, and across CNY. He's an elite-level mixer and commands the attention of the room with his warm and clear microphone skills. His diverse knowledge of all genres makes him an ideal open-format DJ that fits great with all types of weddings, school, and corporate events. One of Devan's biggest DJ achievements was when he opened on stage for Ludacris at Del Lago Resort and Casino. 


Devan grew up in Queens and has worked in College administration post graduation. He currently has an assistant director position at Cornell University. He lives with his amazing wife and two children.


IG: @dj_dough_boy            

Check out his free live mixes here!



Jona is known as one of the top turntablists in Central New York and made his start in New York City, DJing clubs and events at a very early age. His expert song selection, genuine crowd connection, hype energy, and diverse knowledge of music make him a valuable part of any party! He’s also bilingual in English and Spanish and well-versed in MCIng.

His resume is very long and distinguished.


Jona also enjoys cooking, his dog Henry, investing in the stock market, and supporting his local communities.

IG: @djjona_

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